MAPT was created for Ambulance Victoria to replace the outdated paper-based system used for non-emergency patient transport, where job cards were filled out at the start of the day and returned at the end. They wanted and Android app that was intuitive, responsive and reliable that allowed their drivers to update their status on the job, sending real-time updates back to the dispatchers. As part of the team creating MAPT, I was responsible for the design and layout of the app screens, as well as minor interface logic including animations and data processing.

For the overall design of the app, we used a gray against white contrast for most of the text of the light theme and inverted it for the dark theme. We also wanted some clear and consistent way for the user to change their status throughout the app. The swipe bar allows the user to progress to the next default status and uses the same colour coding as the dispatching program. This allows the user to see at a glance the status of the unit, or the current case and swipe to move to the next step.

There were a number of programming challenges during this project and it really pushed me to think about how smaller systems fit into an application. Using Xamarin was an enjoyable experience as I was not only learning how to use the framework effectively from a UI standpoint, I was also designing for integration into the web service and the dispatch system as a whole.

This was my first experience with having to make a lot of the design decisions on a project. Through correspondence with the client, I was able to design certain features to the functionality they were expecting, though with the upgrade of the entire process and the new capabilities of the platform, we were able to add additional features such as the ability to activate duress and integrated maps. Translating these user needs into real solutions and iterating them with the client was something I had done during my time at university, but it was refreshing and challenging to work with a real client to create the perfect product for them.